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Sugar Me Baby Exfoliating Scrub

I absolutely love the Sugar Me Baby Exfoliating Scrub! After the first use my skin felt smooth. I cant wait to see the results after a few weeks.



Wild Thoughts Yoni Oil

I used the yoni oil and i it smells amazing. Im definitely taking it with me on baecation ;)



Her Boujee Era Mask

I have been looking for a vajacial mask to use at home for the longest!!! This is my first try of the mask and i love how it made my bikini line feel. I can wait to see more results.



Her Vibe Juicy Yoni Gel

I just started using The Yoni Gel and i love how it cleansing my vulva. Definitely a product that i will be using often.


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CEO's Message To You

" After Years of struggling to find the right feminine hygiene products, I gave up completely. I suffer from PCOS which resulted in excessive hair growth from a very young age. Continuous ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation was exhausting. I was to embarrassed to discuss it with anyone that it knocked my confidence entirely. I had to find a natural solution ASAP!!!

I created my first product which was " Sugar Me Baby" Exfoliating Scrub. After the first try, I was shocked at how smooth my skin felt that I kept looking at the product I created like wow !! . After a few days my ingrown hairs were gone. The confidence that filled me that day was a different type of glow and this is why I named the feminine hygiene products "Juicy Purr". The " Purr" is an expression for Confidence. As that day, i had that Juicy Purr ;).

I created a step by step routine for feminine hygiene. I gave my girls samples to try it out and they absolutely loved it.

Juicy Purr was born to bring confidence to women through a natural solution for their intimate areas. Whatever the issue maybe, ingrown hairs, PH balancing, discolorations, inflammation, etc. I have been there and I know how it feels to not know where to start. Lets Get You That Juicy Purr Girl !!!! "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Juicy Purr stands for Juicy Confidence. "Purr" is a sexy expression of how females feel after using our products.

Juicy Purr feminine hygiene is the ultimate solution for your feminine hygiene. We formulated with natural premium ingredients that contain antibacterial and antioxidants properties to deliver the best outcome.

Our products tackle problem areas in intimate areas such as inner thighs, bikini lines, anus, vulva, under arms, chin, neck, etc.

Issues may vary from hyperpigmentation. ingrown hairs, razor bumps, discoloration. uneven skin tone, inflammation, PH Balancing, Bad Odours, bacterial infections that can lead to BV, UTI's or yeast infections.

Our products are sold in sequence to enable you with what product to use next.

Each product has instructions on the package and on our website.

You should expect to feel

- reduce in bacterial growth,

- bad odours reducing,

- minimal ingrown hairs,

- a decrease in razor bumps,

- stabilising PH balance

- skin feeling more smoother

-discolouration fading away

Results vary with every individual depending on what you are targeting. Nevertheless, you should start to see a transition within the first 2 weeks.

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