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Juicy Purr

Step 1 Alternative - Big Purr Yoni Bar Soap

Step 1 Alternative - Big Purr Yoni Bar Soap

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Big Purr gives the ultimate confidence to women through our yoni bar soap. 

Juicy Purr Quote: " Top Tier... Y'all Gon Love It Here" 

Our Brightening Kojic Yoni Bar takes feminine hygiene to a new transformation by assisting with ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, neutralizing vaginal odor, balancing PH levels & minimises yeast infections. 

This product is all-natural, organic and vegan. Our powerful antibacterial herbs, tea tree and lavender to treat acne and blemishes combined with kojic acid and carotene to even out skin hyperpigmentation. Rosemary is an antioxidant to keep your vulva clean, balanced and fresh all day long!INGREDIENTS: coconut oil , safflower oil, purified water , Alpha arbutin , kojic acid , carotene oil , grapeseed oil , rosemary, papaya extract , citric acid , Sodium Lacote, Vitamin E , Lactic Acid , tea tree , lavender oil , clove , skin safe colorant .DISCLAIMER:

Do not insert product inside vulva.

Discontinue if irritation occurs.Do not use if pregnant or could be pregnant.


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