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Juicy Purr

Step 2 : Sugar Me Baby Exfoliating Scrub

Step 2 : Sugar Me Baby Exfoliating Scrub

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Sugar Me Baby Exfoliating Scrub leaves you feeling smooth, refreshing & sexy.

Juicy Purr Quote: " I like mine obsessed with me. " 

This scrub delivers a soothing and refreshing aura and exfoliates for superior skin repair and renewal.

  • Antibacterial properties that assist with eliminating recurring ingrown hairs & razor bumps. 
  • Polishes away dark marks. 
  • Moisturises & removes dead skin cells for smoother intimate areas.

HOW TO USE : Soften the skin with a warm damp towel to open the skin pores. Apply a generous amount to damp skin. Buffer in circular motions for an even coverage & exfoliation. Rinse off with warm water after 2 mins. 

INGREDIENTS : Shea Butter, mango butter , organic sugar , citric acid , glycerine , honey, licorice , apple citric acid , orange peel , turmeric , coconut oil , tea tree oil , hemp seed oil , lavender oil, grapeseed oil 

Suitable For Under Arms, Inner Thighs, Vulva, Under Chin & Face. 


Do not insert product inside vulva.

Discontinue if irritation occurs.Do not use if pregnant or could be pregnant.


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