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Juicy Purr

Step 4 : Litty Drippy Hydration Mist

Step 4 : Litty Drippy Hydration Mist

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Litty Drippy Hydration Mist Is to soothe the area after you have exfoliated or a vajacial mask. 

Juicy Purr Quote: "No Bumps In My Lane Baby!!! “

After any type of treatment whether it be a vajacial or exfoliating it is important to cool down the area, As your intimate areas are delicate regardless if ingredients are natural. Therefore this mist cleanses, soothes, hydrates and replenishes. 

Safflower has an anti-inflammatory properties that smooths & brightens appearance of skin. Rosewater also has antioxidants that reduce the appearance of redness and is an amazing component for acne-prone skin. 

HOW TO USE :After Exfoliating or using the vajacial mask , pump to spray on vulva or bikini line then leave to dry. May be used daily.

INGREDIENTS :Rose water , lactic acid, hyalouric acid, glycerine, salicylic acid , safflower, rose hip , lavender, fennel, aloe vera , distilled water, vitamin c.

Suitable For Under Arms, Inner Thighs, Vulva, Bikini Line & Under Chin. 


Do not insert product inside vulva.

Discontinue if irritation occurs.Do not use if pregnant or could be pregnant.


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